Final Exam

Here is the take-home exam. It is due 5pm Friday, 25th of October (end of Swotvac). Please read the instructions carefully – especially about how to submit. You may email me if you have any questions regarding the instructions but not about the content. Best of luck!!!


Assessment Three – Social Media-based Assessment

Just a reminder that the due date for this assessment has been changed to 12pm Friday, 20th September – just before mid-semester break. In the unit guide it says due at the end of the week 9 tutorial. The criteria and report writing slides have been uploaded now and you can download them from the assessments page. If you haven’t already started, you should get in touch with your group members soon and organise how you want to divide up the workload.

Assessment Two – Weekly Blog Posts

As I mentioned in tutorials last week, can each group make sure their weekly blog posts are published well before the tutorials begin. This is so that I have time to check your blogs before class. Remember to ‘publish’ and not just ‘save draft’. The new cut-off times are:

St Albans 1pm Tutorial – 11:45am, Tuesdays

Footscray Park 12pm Tutorial – 10:45am, Wednesdays

Footscray Park 3pm, 4pm, 5pm Tutorials – 2:45pm, Wednesdays

The majority of the posts have been great so far. However some groups have not received marks because of late posts, posts that do not specifically address the tutorial question(s) and posts under 150 words. If you think your group is in this situation, you can write an extra post addressing an upcoming week’s question(s) to make up for the 2% you missed. As long as you have 6 posts by week 12 that meet the criteria and have been posted on time each week, you will receive the full 12% for this part of assessment two.


I have just added a blogroll with links to all your tutorial group blogs. If your group’s blog isn’t listed there, please email me the blog link before the start of the week three tutorial. I will reply to confirm I have received it. If you do not receive a reply, send it again. Also remember to include a short first post introducing your group members. Some groups have created a blog but haven’t included an introductory post. This is required for the first 2% of Assessment Two.

Presentation Schedule

The presentation schedule spreadsheet has been posted on the assessment page. Each tutorial stream is on a different sheet. Be sure to check which week your group has been assigned. If you have not been assigned a group and presentation week, please see me at your next tutorial or send me an email.

Welcome to the ACC3004 Social Media Unit Blog

Please be sure to bookmark this site and visit it at least once a week, ideally before attending the lecture and tutorial. This is designed as a resource for you. Thus I will upload lecture notes, assessment information, and occasionally post related material. There is no WebCT for this unit.

Best of luck this semester!